Why Everyone Should Learn About Outdoor Survival

When you consider the immense impact that the online world has had over the past twenty years of civilization, it should be unsurprising that most Americans spend the majority of their time indoors. In fact, a recent university study has shown how most people spend up to ninety percent of their lives inside safe and comfortable environments such as their homes, shopping malls, and workplaces.

With this in mind, is it any wonder why anxiety, depression or other mental health issues are on the rise?

Regardless, it would seem there has never been more need to get outdoors, while outdoor survival is so incredibly practical that this is something from which everyone can learn. At the same time, to fully understand the above comments regarding a compulsion to stay indoors, it is often necessary to fully understand the reasons as to why this happens in the first place.

The compulsion to stay Indoors

Ever since the industrial age, working nine to five in factories, and office environments are as common as a fallen leaf in Autumn. However, it was the introduction of technology which had as much of an impact on the amount of time people spend outdoors. After all, iPads and smartphones are a large factor when it comes to the ninety percent statistic above – that and the increasingly busy world in which we live.

In this sense, it may not be such a great thing that everything is so consumer-centric as we continually seek the comfortable and safe option rather than an exciting challenge of some kind. For example, even the mere act of “going shopping” seems redundant when everything is right at your fingertips. That being said, this one makes sense as shopping online is often more affordable and certainly more convenient.

Moral of the story: it would seem that the outdoors is not much of a distraction when the online world and comfort of the indoors is so convenient.

The Importance of Survival Gear and Outdoor Survival

Getting outdoors is good for the soul, and many studies have proven that exposure to Vitamin D (natural sunlight) is a good thing, while exercising and spending time with nature can reduce stress and have a positive impact on mental health. Furthermore, did you know that there is more air pollution indoors than there is outside? It’s true but regardless, the benefits of spending time outdoors should be obvious.

That being said, not everyone is familiar with outdoor survival, but this is also a very practical exercise with many benefits. After all, survival skills are not only fascinating and fun, but these are also skills which absolutely anyone can learn more about.

Learning to survive in the outdoors takes time, but the most important aspect is always preparation. With this in mind, provided you have the right equipment and sufficient kit, any time is a good time to start the learning process.

About Choosing the Outdoors

You know, this is one of the main reasons we launched My Zone Out, and why we now provide a full range of outdoor survival gear. We fully realize that people find it increasingly difficult to get outdoors and the opportunity we have to help people start getting out there a bit more is irresistible to us.

Either way, we want to make the prospect of outdoor adventure more exciting and give people more reasons to start getting out there, rather than settle for the comfortable option of staying indoors.